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Looking for something quick?

5 Day Creative Challenges

to get the creative juices flowing or just a ‘time out’ from what ever you are doing?


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  • 5 Days
  • 5 Challenges
  • Require very little resources
  • Take 15min to do
  • Can do from anywhere

Get really good at using the creative process to find solutions


Only $27.00 pp

No, you don’t need to complete every single challenge.

No, there is nothing to get ‘right’. Just the fact that the more you use creativity, the more you have!

Yes, you can start them whenever you choose. They are always online for you to access from anywhere, anytime.

Yes, your creativity will be a part of something bigger. It is part of surrounding yourself with beauty and excellence.

Yes, we will be releasing new challenges from time to time.

5 Day Creative Challenge

  • So we know you are 10-15 years old