Make it Blue

All the girls in our second workshop had their favourite colour as Blue. At what age do girls go from loving pink to blue?! They all had a desire for a room that was relaxed and happy and despite this they all had incredibly unique interpretations of what that means to them.

A Unique Gift

We like to turn these moodboards into unique cards and gift them to the girls. They are perfect for any occasion including birthdays and thankyous.

Allie's Moodboard - Happy
Sarah's Moodboard - Tranquil
Aly's Moodboard - Relaxing
Chelsea's Moodboard - Relaxed
Tia's moodboard - Love + Relaxing
Isabel's Moodboard - Relaxed
Stella's Moodboard - Happy
Thankyou Card

Work in progress incorporating a ‘living’ component.

Images from the morning

It started with a short meditation session in the garden to get creative juices flowing and finished with the girls personalising their gift bags.

The small classes

Allow Virginia to spend one-on-one time with each of the girls throughout the workshop.

If you are interested in finding out why we run this workshop or enrolling in the next one, click here.

Workshop Information
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