Run the World Conference

Amazing opportunity for your daughter

Would you give your daughter the opportunity to meet inspiring Australian female entrepreneurs and hear how they did it?


Two FREE tickets valued at over $500

one for you and one for your daughter


Run the World Conference 2017


Melbourne 29th July

League of Extraordinary Women and Dreaming big for little girls have teamed up to make this opportunity happen for one young girl and her mum or dad.


I had the privilege of listening to the founders of Thankyou, Spell, Birdsnest, and THiNK among others during the Run the World Conference in 2015. During that year I met Sheryl Thai, now the CEO of LOEW. Sheryl founded the highly successful Cupcake Central, and worth a visit if you are in the neighbourhood of one of their five locations in Melbourne.


I don’t go to many events like this anymore, but I recommend this one. I took away many little gems from this event and met some interesting people doing some very interesting things. The overwhelming observation for me was these women were doing what they love. That is why in some cases they were prepared to not make any money for 3 years because they believed in what they were doing and loving it.


As you may have heard me say before, do what you love, because you will stick with it. If you stick with it, you will get good at it. If you get good at it, people will reward you handsomely for it. Doing what you love, can be a good career move!


Their stories are gold for young excited minds full of possibility. Don’t miss this opportunity.


There is more!

LOEW are pretty picky about what goes in their delegate’s bags. We are pretty thrilled that every participant will receive a copy of Cookbook. 400 entrepreneurial women will receive this special book of recipes by 12 awesome young girls. This book too, had its origins in entrepreneurial endeavour. As a result of the hard work by all the girls who participated in the Profit Share Program, it has been shipped to over 10 countries.


How do I enter?

I am a big one for SEIZING opportunities when they present themselves. You have to be in it to win it. I am also a big one for THINKING, so I would like to know why you would like to go.


It is a bit of fun and there are no wrong answers, but one is essential to be in the draw.

Your girl must be 17 years old or under as well.

  1. Fill in the form including your WHY – No Wrong Answer (just tell us why)
  2. Go to the LOEW website and register your email to stay up to date on the Conference with what, where, when and who

Please note accommodation and flights are not included.

Dad’s and their daughter’s are also welcome to enter!


When will it be drawn?

Entries CLOSE on Thursday 29th June 2017 at 5pm.

We will notify the winner by email on the 30th June 2017 and confirm by phone, that they are able to attend. If they are no longer able to attend for whatever reason we will re-draw it. If a re-draw occurs it will be no later than 1st July 2017.


We will also advise the winner on the blog, Facebook and Instagram page. So follow them all in case it is you!


This gives you plenty of time to book tickets and plan a fun weekend away with your daughter/granddaughter/niece that she will thank you for, in so many ways. (Flights and accommodation are not included).

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