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Being interested makes you interesting

What do you think about this?


Being interested makes you interesting


You may be aware I recently did a talk for Alan Vasquez, who runs a small childrens tutor business called Tutor on a Scooter in California. He kindly invited me to be part of a group of 21 presenters from Australia, Canada, UK, and US for a free online summit for parents and teachers called “Unlock your child’s potential”. I touched on this topic of being interested and thought I would just expand on it a little.


A friend of mine sat next to a gentleman unknown to her in an airport. They had nearly an hour and a half to wait for their plane. They sparked up a conversation and it continued until they were called to board. Before they parted he turned to her and said, “Thankyou I really enjoyed meeting you, you are one of the most interesting people I have met.” She had spoken all but a handful of words the whole time.


Importantly those words were questions.


I love questions, they gain you insight. They can clear up preconceptions and projections. It is a big part of caring. Being interested doesn’t stop with people, I like to think being interested extends to everything around us. Things, places, science, art, religion, animals, nature, the world, the universe. We don’t need to be an expert in all these areas, but when they pop up in our porridge we show a little curiosity.


That curiosity then turns into doing things. Doing, makes for an interesting life.


You may ask why is being interesting important?


People are interested in interesting lives. They want to listen to what you have to say and share in your experiences. You then have the capacity to influence to create a better world.


I would be interested in your thoughts. Do you agree, or is there something else that contributes more to being interesting? What do you think makes an interesting person?

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