An interview with Georgi

Georgi McDowall is one of the awesome girls who contributed her favourite recipe to our special little Cookbook. Georgi is also participating in our Profit Share Program and has booked a stall at the Emerald Markets on the 2nd August 2015. She will be selling copies of the cookbook and is more than happy to sign them for people.


Georgi has plans for what she will do with her hard earned money – it is a combination of saving, spending and sharing. We will have a story on this later in the year.


We recently asked Georgi how she felt about being part of the cookbook and why she chose her favourite recipe “Prosciutto and Mozzarella Pizza“.


Why is this your favourite recipe?

Because Pizza is my favourite food


What do you like about it most?

Because it is Italian Pizza


Who do you like to make it for or share it with?

Mum, Dad and William (my brother)


Where did the recipe come from?



When do you like to make it?

Every night


How do you feel about being in the cookbook?

Excited and proud of myself






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