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12 awesome girls have contributed their favourite recipe to this wonderfully simple 32 page cookbook.


This year we wanted to create something lasting and tangible that involved the girls that we normally design for. After bouncing ideas around we decided on a mini cookbook.


Girls under 15 contributed their favourite recipe as part of a competition we ran earlier this year. The recipes are the favourites of the girls who entered. Interestingly only 1-2 recipes on average per cookbook are used. Because we want to increase the chances that all of the girl’s favourite recipes will be used we only selected twelve (12).


'Cookbook' is a delightful book that features just twelve recipes but they represent a meaningful collection that are easily executed by young girls. With so many children missing out on cooking instruction in the home over the past forty years due to their mothers going to work and being time poor, this book could establish a template for future publications. I congratulate Jane Harbison on her initiative with this book and wish the girls whose recipes have been published a lifetime of interest in cooking. CHEF ALISON ALEXANDER


As to our favourites we genuinely like them all – we think the combination we have in the cookbook is fun, simple and tasty and the recipes work.


We were asked recently how we hope this book will encourage creativity and boost confidence within young girls, not unlike all the products we create. The answer to this is we value quiet confidence in young girls because this is where humility, resilience and an ‘anything is possible attitude’ resides. Confidence we feel is gained, in large part, by ‘doing’ things. So all of the products we create are designed around encouraging ‘doing’.


Because cooking fits nicely in with ‘doing’ and it is creative and it is about sharing with family and friends the mini cookbook concept works with what we are about.


We like to specifically focus on women and girls because they can significantly influence the wellbeing of all societies and I think they naturally do this collaboratively – establishing ground swells and momentum. This often requires resilience and an anything is possible attitude – this is where confidence resides.


We also consider the lasting nature of our products. Besides our desire not to contribute to landfill we have a hope that what we create are things that will hang on a wall, or lie on a bed, or reside on a bookcase for a long time. Our cookbook is no different. We have friends who still have childhood books 20, 30, 40 years later that they are now passing down to the next generation.


Copies of the book can be purchased in our Shop.


“We love the cookbook Jane. The kids are cooking good food and it’s so easy for them.”

Carolyn, Gold Coast, Australia


“I was so pleased to receive the Cookbook today – it certainly is very well presented & the recipes look delicious. I am planning to give it to my 14 year old grand-daughter who is keen on cooking (especially cup cakes)!

A great big thankyou too for thoughtfully including the little notebook, I am sure it will be very useful. I wish these enterprising girls every success in their future endeavours.”

Robin, Tingalpa, Australia


“What a fantastic initiative and interview.” (referring to ABC 612 radio interview)

Angela, Toowoomba, Australia



School Program and profit sharing


We also have a profit share program for kids and a scholarship program for school fundraisers. If either of these are of interest drop us an email at and we can send you more information.



Cookbook contributors and awesome recipes



Lulu Fitzgerald – check out her favourite way to eat celery



All illustrations in the Cookbook are created by Jane Harbison Design



Apple Muffins from the Cookbook



The link from the Cookbook to this Blog

  • Maxine Cooke

    Dear Jane,

    We congratulate you, Jane, on your very generous and successful initiative to publish the CookBook, by engaging 12 young girls in your project to reach out of their comfort zones to contribute their recipes then to help market and sell their end result.

    These results can only be positive in character development, self confidence and entrepreneurship.

    We found your response to Steve Austin’s radio interview of great interest.

    We wish you and Peter all the very best for the arrival of your new baby later in the year.

    Love and best wishes from Neil and Maxine Cooke

    August 10, 2015at9:19 pm

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