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The Panel Session

Loving What You Do

The Panel Session is a life time opportunity for country girls and women to see world class creatives in action.


It is an amazing opportunity for girls to learn from successful women as they start to think about what they want to do with their lives and how they want to contribute to the world.


Hear how the likes of Megan Morton, internationally renowned stylist, got started, what was the turning point for her, why she loves what she does and what it takes to build a global reputation while keeping your feet and family firmly on the ground.


There is something for adults and girls alike.


Starts at 12.00 for 12.30 – 2.30pm at The Rabbit Factory

  • Megan Morton – Stylist
  • Virginia Bishop – Interior Designer
  • Annabelle Hickson – Photographer and Writer
  • Flore Vallery-Radot – Film Maker
  • Pip Williams – Photographer


They are all incredibly generous with their thoughts and experience – you can ask them anything.

Event - Artists Panel Session - Texas
Open to all ages

If you would still like to support the rural community buy a Raffle Ticket.

The Photoshoot

Bringing a Moodboard to Life

The Photoshoot is creativity in action.


Using a moodboard from the morning’s workshop as inspiration (drawn randomly), professionally shoot a bedroom scene in the bush.


Girls get to observe a moodboard come to life ready for publication. They get to see first hand what it takes to create an image that inspires and evokes a feeling that reaches out and touches your heart.


This is a challenge for the stylist and photographers, as they think on their feet. Traditionally these professionals get weeks to prepare and source for a shoot. Of course the location, some of the props and the look and feel is well thought through. But, this requires them to elevate their thinking, solve a problem differently, drawing on their experience and knowledge to create something unique ready for publication. This is why we have invited incredibly talented designers and photographers to be part of this showcase event. It will be exciting to watch.


Creativity, practiced and nurtured over time builds the belief and the ultimate confidence to navigate and challenge life presents.

“I can make the impossible, possible”.

Image by: Annabelle Hickson©

The Workshop

Workshop Details

The Artists

Virginia Bishop

Virginia Bishop is an award winning boutique interior designer who cut her teeth in New York and is now back in Brisbane where she grew up. She delivers the interior design workshops in each location.


She believes that whether we are consciously aware or not, our environment has a profound effect on our state of mind. Virginia likes to work with her clients to shape that effect and to make the space authentically theirs. Your special space should reflect you and in doing so create a calming and familiar surrounding. It is her goal to not only deliver an interior that feels like home but also delights at every turn.


Virginia has over 25 years of local and international business and creative experience to every project. She is past President of the Queensland Interior Decorators Association, and winner of a 2016 HIA Brisbane Interior Design Award.


Virginia is also a Director of Zonta Brisbane City Heart, a club that works to empower women and girls through service and advocacy.


Website: www.virginiabishopinteriors.com.au.

Images courtesy of: Virginia Bishop

Virginia_Bishop_Interiors© Manhattan Chess
Annabelle Hickson


Annabelle Hickson is a writer who takes photos, often of flowers and is passionate about finding beauty in daily life. She lives on a pecan farm with her husband Ed and three children in the Dumaresq Valley on the NSW-Queensland border, Australia.


She wrote for The Australian newspaper for several years before branching out into photography.


She now works as a freelance writer and photographer across Australia. Her work has been published in Country Style magazine (where she is also a regular columnist), Inside Out magazine, The Huffington Post and The Planthunter. She has also collaborated with brands and companies both big and small, including Sheridan Australia, to take photos and write content.


Website: www.the-dailys.com

Images by: Annabelle Hickson

Megan Morton


Megan Morton creates atmospheres that make people obscenely happy.


She has been called on to style, design and work her `house whispering’ magic for celebrities, magazines and her next-door neighbours. Her work has been featured on the covers of glossies, including Elle Decoration UK, Vanity Fair, Vogue Living and Inside Out.


A leader in her field, Megan’s popularity can be attributed to her love of unconventional colour, strong imagery and over 12 years publishing experience. The fashion, food and art fraternity trust her inimitable style and as a result, she has styled and shot the homes of many celebrated Australians. Her four books dedicated all to ‘home’ make her wit and insights for everyone.


With a peerless print pedigree, Megan has gone on to crossing the fine line to digital with her intuitive and conversational wordsmithing, hand-in-hand with her highly astute visual sensibility. Her books are award winners (six awards for ‘Things I Love’ alone) and her love project The School is now a globally reaching classroom that connects people with their passions, taught by the truly passionate.


Website: www.meganmorton.com

Megan will be doing book signings

Images styled by and courtesy of: Megan Morton

Image by: Pablo Veiga
Image by: Jason Busch
Image by: Jason Busch
Image by: Aimee Thompson
Image by: Aimee Thompson
Image by: Sharyn Cairns
Image by: Pablo Veiga
Image by: Brooke Holm
Flore Vallery-Radot© L1030374
Flore Vallery-Radot


Flore Vallery-Radot is a French photographer and videographer based in Sydney. She works mostly with creatives, building their visual portfolio with stunning photos and little heartfelt films showing who they really are and the beauty in what they do.


Each year, she organises several photo/video workshops with four to five teachers from all around the world and a small group of twelve participants in her parents’ house in Burgundy and other dreamy venues like a Greek villa by the beach in Paros.


You can see her work mostly on Instagram @the.flo.show or on her blog The Flo Show.


Website: www.thefloshow.com

Images and Films by: Flore Vallery-Radot

Pip Williams


Pip Williams is a B+W family + child photographer living in Texas Queensland. Her style thrives on real life which means embracing its truth.


In 2016 she was a top ten portrait finalist for ‘Australia’s Top Emerging Photographer’ by one of the country’s leading photography magazines for professionals ‘Capture’.

Her work has been featured in Country Style Magazine and has photographed the cover of ‘Graziher’ magazine.


Website: www.therealdealphotography.com.au

Images by: Pip Williams

The Prizes

Commission an artist on us
Annabel Cleeve

Annabel Cleeve enjoys the opportunity to quietly sit and draw. She keeps both the subject and the materials very simple in order to focus primarily on the act of creating – particularly, the meditative qualities of drawing.


Annabel lives on a farm in Texas on the border of QLD and NSW. She devotes her time to working in the farm office, looking after her 3 children and teaching music at the local school.


Her materials of choice for drawing are primarily paper, with pencil, charcoal and or pen. Her subject matter is always derived from her farm surroundings. And, her chosen objects for creative investigation are usually found while out and about on the farm.


Website: www.instagram.com/annabelcleeve/

Image by: Annabel Cleeve©

When you purchase a ticket to a Workshop or Panel Session in any of the locations, you will have the opportunity to go in the draw to commission a piece of art from Annabel to the value of $400. Additional tickets can be purchased at the door.


For those that can’t make an event, but would still love the opportunity to win this, tickets will be available online. We will ship it to anyone anywhere in the world.


Note: the art piece will be unframed to make postage and handling safer and to ensure that you can frame it in a style that suits your home.

Images by: Annabel Cleeve


The Beach People
The Beach People


The Beach People are supporters of this event and have something special in store for the girls participating for the whole day.

2B Planted


Beata and Brett are the couple behind 2b_Planted, and they have a unique contribution to the workshop given the dry environment Texas is experiencing.


Beata is a florist and Brett, her husband is a Building Designer design2b_bris. They have 3 young kids and working from home makes it easier to be there for them. They love it!


They have also started doing workshops and would love to do more of them in the future. Visit their Instagram



This creative duo are generously supporting the event with something to excite the senses.


They design wood blocks for fabric printing. They also design their own fabrics and create the most exquisite homewares using rustic needlework and quilting. You can’t help but reach out and touch it.


The Founder

Jane Harbison, at 40, or there abouts, moved from accountant to creative because this is what she loved doing.


Alongside much of her professional career, she has been involved in the advancement of girls and women, in particular rural women. So combining creativity, girls and an affection for rural Australia, this project “Creativity through Confidence” seemed such a natural thing to do.


Upon leaving school, she knew she had to support herself and the best way she thought to do that, was to complete a business degree. This is a story she still hears from kids today. No one told her she could have a career using creativity, a character strength which she now knows is in her top 5.


Jane hasn’t left her commerce skills completely at the door. She contributes to governance in education, sitting on boards of schools. She gets a kick out of seeing students graduate each year, excited about the opportunities that lay before them, should they choose to seize them.


She has big dreams about the opportunities this event may bring to all involved.

Jane Harbison Founder of Dreaming Big for Little Girls
Jane Harbison

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