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I don’t want to be working in a job I hate

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Good News, You don’t have to

I was prompted to interview Jordan White because she is at an age where she is about to make decisions for the next stage of her life. The life after school. She is 16 years old and lives in Brisbane with her family.


I was speaking to a young man the other day who had already left school. He had been invited back to his school to be part of the 25 year celebrations. He was head boy in his day and had gone onto study and then get a job in engineering. I asked him, “Do you think it matters how well you do at school?” He said it depends, but it really only matters for the ‘next step’. It is less relevant for the next step after that. Wise words I thought from a 24 year old.


In other words the last thing you do, is the stepping stone for the next. Yes they all build upon each other, shaping you along the way, but maybe it is worth thinking that ‘now’ doesn’t define what the rest of your life will look like. It just helps shape your next step. Here is a Jordan’s story about how she is shaping her next step.

What subjects do you do at school and which are your favourites?

I do Drama. Film and Television, a certificate III in Business and a certificate in christian ministry and theology. Not to mention the typical maths and English subjects.


It is hard to pick a favourite, but I would say both Drama and Film and Television are subjects I really really enjoy.


Are your favourites the ones you are naturally good at?

I think so, yes. I don’t have much experience with acting but I received quite an excellent mark in my acting performance from term 1 in Drama. Plus I have always loved making little videos and editing productions, which is why I love film and television so much.


What is the coolest experience you have been involved in lately?

I’ve really enjoyed volunteering to sing at the memorial mass at our school for students and staff that have sadly passed away, since there were very few students who could attend and my contribution was well appreciated by teachers which I feel very proud about.


What do you enjoy doing when you have a bit of spare time?

I love writing in my journal, watching movies, playing silly games on my laptop and 3Ds, and learning new piano sheet music from media I enjoy online.


You are in your senior years at school, have you thought about what you love doing?

I know that I love acting, directing, film making and music very much.


Are you considering a career that incorporates doing what you love?

Absolutely, however I always worry that I will choose a career path that may find me struggling financially. But I am determined to make a living out of something that I can roll out of bed and beam about for the whole day because it’s something I enjoy whole heartedly, and in the end, hardly feels like work at all.

Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile. - Anonymous

Jordan White
Image by: Nicole White
Persistence, Perseverance and Passion. You can’t succeed if you don’t put the work in - Jordan White

Where have you found your inspiration for who you want to be?

Platforms such as YouTube and Tumblr that have an almost never ending amount of creative artists and figures.


What do you think is needed for anyone to succeed at what they love doing?


Persistence, Perseverance and Passion. You can’t succeed if you don’t put the work in, don’t pick yourself up after a rough day, week, month, or year, and if there is no real passion behind your work. These key factors are essential for maintaining a career and being successful in any field of work.


What are two cool things your parents have taught you?

My mum has taught me that it’s okay to cry and emote in front of others, and she has also taught me the importance of picking myself up after a nasty fall, because resilience is one of the most important assets one can have in life.


When do you think your mum and dad are most proud of you?

I think maybe when after days or weeks of pounding away at the keys of my piano tirelessly trying to learn a new piece, and I finally am able to put it together seamlessly.


You are about to enter into the wonderful wide world of creating your own path. What scares you about doing so?

That the decisions I make in adulthood might not necessarily be the right decisions.


That the career I want to pursue will fall flat and I will be condemned working in a job that I hate, making little income and not being able to support the ones I love the way I want to.


What excites you about doing so?

That I have the freedom of creating my own exciting life and career. I can go wherever, whenever, and be a functioning member of society.


What is one big challenge you face as a teenager that you want to overcome?

Though I have worked on this, I usually find it very challenging to put myself out there in front of others and show off the skills I do have. Only now am I just starting to do this, but I still struggle from time to time.


In addition, I also struggle to express my irritation if someone has upset me. I never find the words to tell them that what they have said has hurt me, and I end up internalising that for a lot of the time which is no good for my self esteem. However I am definitely working on this and I am trying my hardest to be more open with my friends and tell them how things make me feel.


You are planning on moving out, finding your own space – how do you feel about this?

A mixture of excitement, fear and feeling apprehensive about moving. I would love to have my own house to myself and create a vision of what I would like to see coming home from a long day at work or something. However, I would also hate to be moving away from my family, especially after having lived with them for a large portion of my life.

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