Next one is 22 – 27th April 2019 (Easter holidays).

Looking for something quick?

5 Day Creative Challenge

to get the creative juices flowing or just a time-out from whatever you are doing?


In a fun and unique way, learn how to use the creative process to start making good life decisions.

  • 5 Days
  • 5 Challenges
  • Requires very little resources
  • Take 15min to do (or longer if you desire)
  • Can do from anywhere


Get really good at using the creative process to find unique solutions to problems.


It is even more fun with a friend so have them register to do it with you!

At the end of this Challenge we will celebrate what you create in a curated online exhibition of works. It is going to be beautiful because it will come from your heart.


Only $27.00 pp

Already know this is something you want to do.


Gift Certificate available. Just let us know at Checkout in the comments.

Register interest in the 5 Day Creative Challenge.

5 Day Creative Challenge

  • So we know you are 10-15 years old

No, you don’t need to buy any special materials – just a black fine point pen. We give you a workbook with all the tips and tools you need.

No, there is nothing to get ‘right’. Just know that the more you use creativity, the more you have of it!

Yes, there is a start and end date. When we start, enrollments will close and we will focus on delivery.

Yes, your creativity will be a part of something bigger. Your work will be part of an online exhibition.

Yes, we want you to complete it. There is satisfaction in seeing something to completion and we want to be able to celebrate what you create.