Our approach to partnerships

Partners are such a valuable part of what we do and what we want to do. We prefer not to do it all by ourselves.

We started with a wonderfully collaborative approach to our Cookbook. We ran a competition for girls to participate in it’s content, we crowd funded its development and printing, we invited designers to create a cover and then we had our community vote on it. We then created a Profit Share program where girls under 15 years old could earn pocket money from the sale of the book – learning about money and sales, marketing and distribution.

This is our approach with all our current and future products and projects. Our Products are found in our Shop and Projects are found in our Blog, under the Dreaming Big for Little Girls banner.


What we look for in a Partner

These are the sorts of things we look for in a lasting partnership:

  • We value those that have a desire to advance young girls (15 years old and under)
  • We seek to contribute to quiet confidence in young girls. Quiet confidence, to us, is valuable because it is where humility, resilience and an ‘anything is possible’ attitude resides. We achieve this through products and projects that encourage ‘doing’.
  • We value mutual benefit where we compliment each others needs – we each bring something that the other values.
  • We both value collaborative partnerships to achieve what we do and actively participate in making them happen.
  • Evoke joy and freedom from everything we create together.
  • We like to keep the partnership project simple and uncomplicated.
  • Change occurs through setting a standard of excellence.