Run the World – Lauryn Brown 17

Lauryn Brown and her mother Andrea were DBFLG’s winner to attend League of Extraordinary Women’s Run the World Conference in Melbourne in July. 


What were your expectations of the Run the World Conference?

Were they met?


I expected it to be a fun day with lots to learn but I never thought I would walk out of the conference feeling like I had just dived into a pool of ideas for a business I could create from home.


What were one or two things you took away from the conference?

I learned that creating an interest into a career isn’t easy and there are many bumps along the process and ahead but they are manageable to get through


How will you implement them into what you do on a daily basis?

By setting goals and sticking with them.


Have you identified what you love doing? What is it?

I’ve only just discovered earlier this year that I am super into the fashion design/modelling industry, designing clothes and opening up a magazine is super exciting for me and I occasionally catch myself looking at peoples outfits when I’m shopping or even just walking home from school.


How do you feel when you are doing what you love?

I feel like I have just had 4 double espresso shots of coffee or just really excited and buzzing.

Image by Lauryn Brown
I never thought I would walk out of the conference feeling like I had just dived into a pool of ideas for a business I could create from home.

Are you considering a career that incorporates doing what you love?


I am currently studying fashion design through VCAL at my school and with that I’ll get to learn all sorts of ways to make clothing, I hope to build up an urban street style clothing line of my own.


What subjects did you do at school and which was your favourite? Why?

I still attend school but my past favourite subjects would have to be either photography or textiles designs. Both subjects included hands on working and leaving the classroom, and I love creative subjects!


What do you think is needed for anyone to succeed at what they love doing?

It’s absolutely all in your mind. Anyone can be successful but all you need is to be driven to your goal, and you can’t have that determination without a good mind set and I always like to say “do what sets your soul on fire”


You are about to enter into the big wide world and creating your own path. What scares you about doing so?

Nothing scares me, I think that most people would put ‘failure’ in this sort of question but if you fail then you fail, doesn’t mean the end it just means get back into it and try twice as hard.


What excites you about doing so?

It excites me to see where I could end up in the future and how my career could take off.

Image by Lauryn Brown featuring 'The Beach People'
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