School Program

What is the School Program?

We have introduced a School Program where profits from the sale of the Cookbook go to your school as a scholarship, for children to have a youngpreneur experience.


Why do we have such a program?

Sparking entrepreneurialism with our young is setting them up with foundational tools that they can use in all aspects of their life.

Children spend a large part of their youth at schools and it is an integral part of a child’s development. We would like to provide an opportunity to have the schools involved in the entrepreneurial experience should they should choose to be part of it.


Who is eligible?

This program is available to any school anywhere that values the purpose of this program.

The principal contact from the school must be a member. It is simple – use the signup form in the right column.


How does it work?

The school purchases a set number of books and then sell those at school events or use them as reward and recognition of effort. It is up to the school how they would like to use this resource. Books are purchased upfront and a scholarship/donation is presented back to the school immediately. This way the school doesn’t need to wait to earn the funds – the school receives the benefit at the time of purchase.


Are there limits to the number of books a school purchases?

There is no limit on the number of repeat purchases. Also the purchases are cumulative. That is, if the school buys 100 copies then a month later it buys another 100 then they are eligible for $500 scholarship. As the first scholarship of $200 would have been paid the additional $300 would be due at the time the second 100 copies are bought.

The only condition is that the cumulative copies must be bought within a 12 month period.
Ordering copies of the book is considered an agreement and understanding of these terms.


How much can I make?
  • Bronze
  • $200/ Scholarship
    • Earn $2.00 per book
    • purchase 100 books
    • cost per book $16.95
    • net nil cost
    • no min. re-order

  • Silver
  • $500/ Scholarship
    • Earn $2.50 per book
    • Purchase 200 books
    • Cost per book $16.95
    • Net Nil Cost
    • No Min. Re-order

  • Gold
  • $825/ Scholarship
    • Earn $2.75 per book
    • Purchase 300 books
    • Cost per book $16.95
    • Net Nil Cost
    • No Min. Re-order

  • Platinum
  • $1,200/ scholarship
    • Earn $3.00 per book
    • Purchase 400 books
    • Cost per book $16.95
    • Net Nil Cost
    • No Min. re-order

Please email us at and we can answer your specific questions on the School Scholarship Program.


What do we ask in return?

Ultimately what the school does with the funds from the Scholarship is the decision of the school. If you participate in this program we would love to share your story – it is worth telling.

This would involve Jane Harbison being in contact with the school, doing interviews with recipients, if applicable, and getting some wonderful photos and vision for the story. The participants would also have the opportunity to be Guest Contributors to this Blog.


Purchase 400 books = $1,200 scholarship/donation. The book retails for $16.95 (incl GST) which your school can sell at events, fairs/fete, library, tuckshop, reception etc.


Guest appearances

Jane Harbison is also available to share with primary school children the process of bringing the book to life.


Why do I need to be a member?

We take care of those in our community and we like to make sure that everyone who participates does so in a thoughtful manner. If you participate in Profit Share, our Schools Program or as a guest contributor we need to know who you are.


School Scholarship Program