Dreaming big for little Girls | What they say
We are about quiet confidence in girls, because this is where humility, resilience and an anything is possible attitude resides.
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I speak with mums and girls during and after the workshops. This is what they have to say about the experience.

(this page updates after each workshop with new interviews so stay tuned)

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Feeling Word – Relaxed

Daughter aged 10.5

She did it all by herself. She found it inspiring to think about what she wanted out of her bedroom.

Feeling Word – Happy

Coco 13 + Lila 11

I would definitely recommend this. It was so much fun.

Feeling Word – Happy

Daughter – Age 10

It's about promoting self expression and instilling confidence.

Feeling Word – Relaxed

Daughter – Age 12

It's too easy as a mum to inflict your own opinions on her. It is good she is forming her own.

Feeling Word – Mature

Daughter – Age 14

It starts to make them think.

Feeling Word – Relaxed

Daughter – Age 12

Doing, as well as thinking is much more enriching for her... it's not just something she watches other people do `{`on YouTube`}`.

Feeling Word – Happy

Sophie – Age 10

She is already gaining a sense of self expression.

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